Updating maps on garmin c330

The device comes with all the necessary firmware and current maps pre-installed on the device.But as roads change as well as information on restaurants and gas stations, the device needs to be updated with the latest firmware and GPS mapping information.Once the program is installed - power on and connect your Garmin to the computer and then start the program.The computer program will see the Garmin or ask for the model number from a list.

Please tell me how to update maps and download necessary data. The first thing you need to do is update the operating system on your Garmin.

City Select detail may be viewed online using Garmin's Map Source Map Viewer.

The c330 has SD card storage for other Map Source data.

It currently has City Navigator NA 2012.30 that was installed on a 2gb SD card. The Garmin site says maps are available for the device but when you go to the order page it has a one line sentence saying that it is not compatible with Street Pilot devices.

Just curious if it is possible to do a limited install on it which I did last time.

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