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For example, results in 10,834,082, where we want 10834082, which can be obtained using If you want to do calculations based on dates (ex.test whether current date and time is after some other date and time), first convert the time to number of seconds after January 1, 1970 using , then you can simply add and subtract dates as numbers.Note that entries in the Formats table and entries that are already in HTML5 as built-in keywords are also considered extensions with the "Ratified" status.Please make sure that registrations added here have all the required data filled in including: Entries lacking any of the above required data will likely be removed.Dear WVSA members, data-users, partners and friends, WVSA Secretariat is compiling a full list of publications (articles, conference papers, book chapters, books, online posts etc.) which are based on or employ WVS data.

Dates are the main feature of Hunie Pop, and earn players rewards such as "Munie" (which is used to buy gifts, food and alcohol) and photos.

The accuracy and format of the result returned will vary depending on the operating system of the server running the wiki and the number format of the site language.

When evaluating using boolean algebra, zero evaluates to Note, if using the output of magic words, you must raw-format them in order to remove commas and translate the numerals.

In addition, dropped and rejected values are listed at the end for comprehensiveness.

element which is not ideal for content relationships.

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