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ABSTRACT: Five major taxa of shrimp-like eucarid are recognized: the order Euphausiacea, the suborder Dendrobranchiata, and three infraorders of the suborder Pleocyemata (Caridea, Procarididea, and Stenopodidea).These animals are very successful in the colonization of the pelagic but the role of the sexual structures (the appendix masculina and the petasma) in this process remains uncertain.Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.thus, the taxpayers paid instead of the churches who benefited.the catholic church/jesuit run orphanages and schools for the deaf are still trying to be compensated.Women became ill later than men (50.07 vs.44.57 years), but when ANCOVA model is used with age at onset as dependent variable, sex as factor, and depressive co-morbidity and suicidal behaviour as covariates, this difference was not significant for sex effect.Women attempted suicide more often than men (13.5% vs.

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Histology and scanning electron microscopy of the vas deferens revealed that the androgenic gland (AG) is a single 2-mm cord attached in the subterminal ejaculatory region, just before the distal vas deferens narrows.

The AG is composed of large oval cells containing vacuolated cytoplasm, and each cell has a prominent rounded nucleus, similar to all descriptions of the AG in Malacostracans, so we assume that it should have the same function in sex differentiation.

We revise the vertical distribution of pelagic species and genera within the shrimp-like eucarids and the presence and types of the male copulatory organs.

We further test the hypothesis that the pelagic habitat is associated with the elaborated male copulatory organs and discuss possible mechanisms of association.

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