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I was spending so much time thinking about this IDEA of who I thought these people were that I wasn’t present.

I wasn’t present for new love or a new partnership.

Breaking up is never an enjoyable experience, and in the end both sides are left hurt and probably even a little frustrated.

But, things can become even worse when you have an ex who is throwing you mixed signals left and right.

Here are 14 signs that your ex is still stuck on you. It may have been months or even YEARS later and I was still wishing I was with them. I wanted a partnership in business that helped me flourish and realize my dreams. What I was pining over in my head wasn’t who they really were. Have you ever been SO in love with someone or so happy in a partnership and then all of a sudden it just falls apart? After getting enough distance from a former lover or partner, I found myself STILL pining over them. I began to see that I was in love with or stuck on the IDEA of them.One of the worst places to look for the truth is on social media.That’s because even before the advent of filters and other photo editing applications, the Internet has always been a theatre of absurd lies.

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This is a glaring sign that your ex is still stuck on you.

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