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Although chronic hives are not life-threatening or contagious, the condition can cause distress, discomfort, and pain.

Chronic urticaria – hives that last six weeks or more – is often caused by a trigger that is difficult or impossible to identify.

Sudafed server cold or Dayquil are possibilities, or just a plain decongestant plus Tylenol you probably have at home. Is Aleve ok to take if I am pregnant, if not what is?

Q: My husband takes Nexium twice daily we want to plan a baby. All 3 will have diarrhea listed as a side effect, however, not a high % of people get this. Q: I have been taking Nexium for 3 months but I can feel my symptoms slowly coming back. A: It's unlikely that the medicine due to it's date caused your child to throw up. It could also be the stomach flu as your doctor suggested. My doctor gave me a prescription for Zoloft 100 mg and also told me I could take Benadryl, but I forgot to ask him if I can take them together. How do you know if you have walking pneumonia or the flu and if so, what can you take to prevent it?

To solve this problem, you must first find the total number of minutes: 60 x 4 = 240 Then find m L/min: 400/240 = 1.67 ml infused in 1 minute.

The easiest way to avoid the problem is to simply stop drinking alcohol while you are taking medications, especially if the use of the medication is short-term.

Urticaria, which is the scientific name for hives, is an outbreak of red, swollen, and itchy welts that form on the skin.

Hives appear suddenly and can appear anywhere on the body, including the face, lips, and throat.

If the prescription bottle does not have a warning label about alcohol, is it safe to drink alcohol while taking that drug?

The answers to these questions, of course, depend on many factors such as the specific medications in question, the diseases you have and the amount of alcohol you are planning to drink, as well as your age and general physical condition.

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