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Written by the fabulous Cricket Daniel who comes to us from Bend, Oregon. now is your chance to see live theater comedy at its best.It’s brilliantly directed by Chris Medina, and he’s from right here in Colorado Springs… You can even speak with Cricket after the show, because she’s in town watching and enjoying the show just like the rest of us.I won’t spoil the story here, but you should expect such an experiment to be fraught with potential and actual problems. Tess and Bobby have a child, presumably around 2 years old, but never seen or heard.(The script might benefit from at least an occasional reference to the kid sleeping in the next room.) Tess thinks they should find some friends like themselves, which is to say, young, married, and with a youngster. However, I will say that the details are well worth the price of admission.

If you’re a relatively new married couple, how do you meet new “couple” friends?

I Shot Jennifer Lopez at 2nd Street Theater- Big Hit!

Read More BREAK DREAMS (CTX Live Theatre) Tilt is a company formed of differently abled young artists with various physical and developmental challenges who have banded together to find ways to perform after high school.

In the academy they had accommodation and opportunities to perform; after graduation they encountered in the larger society almost no accommodation for performances by them. COUPLE DATING (Theater Colorado Blog) If you’re a relatively new married couple, how do you meet new “couple” friends?

Your single friends don’t get the couple thing, and besides, you can’t go out doing “single” things if you’re married and have a kid. In short, couples get matched up for a dinner party to see if there’s a seed that could sprout into a couple friendship.

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