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Is it because they want to be able to hold the reigns? In the first, the men were given a hypothetical situation of a woman scoring either better or worse than them on a test.Each rated how romantically desirable the woman seemed and then filled out a survey to find out what their typical male stereotype would be.When it comes to dating, how often do we wish we could jump inside someone else’s head?When it comes to figuring out what our potential lover is attracted to, it can feel like we’re jumping through proverbial hoops.Researchers at the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University, and the University of Texas at Austin confirmed the old truism that men are intimidated by intelligent women in a study to be published in the November edition of To conduct their study, the researchers enlisted 105 men and read them a hypothetical scenario in which a woman either outperformed or underperformed them in a math or English course, and then instructed the men to imagine this woman as a romantic partner, reports.

Does it give their masculinity a run for its money?Yeah, that’s right: Study findings suggest that after a woman reaches a certain level of “clever” or “smart” behavior, there is no longer a positive correlation on how attractive her potential partner finds her.To gather this data, researchers had 500 people participate in speed-dating activities where they rated the physical attractiveness and intelligence of the people they were meeting.Every few minutes, they’d be matched with a new “date” and then asked if they would want to meet that person again.Sadly, there is a clear spot in the data where men stop valuing women’s intelligence.

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