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In general, you should write and print checks in Quick Books to pay for goods and services for which payment is due immediately.

For example, for any supplier who you have not established credit terms with, payment will most likely be “Due Upon Receipt.” Similarly, if you owe taxes and need to send a check along with your tax return, then you would want to make that payment right away.

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based from actual practice: Post Dated Check or (PDC) shall be arranged according to due dates, shall be kept inside the office vault or deposited to the bank for safekeeping and upon due date Official Receipt or OR will be issued against the check, and that's the time it will be encoded in the system as deductions to Accounts Receivable..

* Check Dates Quick Books allows users to pay bills or write checks on a particular day but not print the checks until a subsequent day.

Your bank account balance(s) should be equal to Bank Statement Ending Balance plus Outstanding (uncleared) Deposits less Outstanding (uncleared) Checks.Quick Books is a professional accounting software application that allows you maintain your banking account, keep track of sales data, store customer contacts and more.Using the Print Forms feature in the Quick Books application you can print check from your banking account.Only “properly payable” checks are supposed to be cashed by banks.But just about anything with the right signature on it is properly payable, including post-dated and overdrawn checks.

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You could go after the person you wrote your check to, on the grounds that he broke an agreement to hold off on cashing the check.

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